Why Wild?

Molly, Steve and Nikki

Our halibut is caught in the pristine Alaskan waters of Glacier Bay; one of the most scenic places on the planet! This special place is Steve’s “office” and our family is so grateful for the opportunity to experience this National Park and protected marine area every season. Steve is one of a handful of Alaskan fishermen who were granted a lifetime access permit (LAP) to harvest halibut in Glacier Bay when it was closed permanently in 1999 to commercial fishing. Steve spent years fishing in Glacier Bay before the area was closed and was therefore granted lifetime access that cannot be sold, or even handed down to his children.

Steve and Nikki delivering to AGS

Steve and Nikki immediately bleed and dress the fish (remove the gills and the guts) and immerse the entire fish in ice, which preserves the quality and freshness of the meat. We deliver our halibut to our local processing plant. Alaska Glacier Seafoods cleans, vacuum packs, and freezes all of our halibut. The plant is certified by USDC and the Alaska Responsible Fisheries Management Certification, and operates following guidelines of HACCP and the GMP's. We are involved with every step of the halibut arriving at your door, which allows us to monitor the freshness and provide the highest quality Alaskan seafood.

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