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We ship 25 or 50 pound boxes on Alaska Airlines for customer pick up at the airport. Check the link to see if there is an air cargo city near you! Alaska Airlines Air Cargo Cities

  • Family Owned

    Born and raised in Juneau, Alaska, Steve Box has been an Alaskan fisherman for over 40 years. At just 13 years old Steve crewed with a family friend, apprenticing as a commercial fisherman. In 1990 Steve bought his own boat, and started Worthy Seafoods in 1997. Steve is a well-known commercial fisherman in Southeast Alaska who is praised for his quality seafood products and highly respected for his stellar fishing ethics. One of Steve's dreams has always been to sell his fish directly to you - the consumer.

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  • Ocean to Table

    Alaska’s oceans provide the best seafood in the world. Our halibut is caught in the icy waters of Glacier Bay and is handled with special care from the time it is pulled aboard the Worthy, to when it arrives at your door. We are involved with every step of the process, which allows us to monitor the freshness and provide the highest quality Alaskan seafood.

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  • Wild and Sustainable

    Alaska is the only state with a mandate for sustainable seafood written in its Constitution. That is Alaska’s promise to provide wild-caught, sustainable seafood for generations to come. Halibut fishing in Alaska is federally regulated and closely monitored by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. These regulations are vital in sustaining the fishery and the future of the halibut industry.

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