Alaska Halibut is Healthy Eating

The health and nutrition of wild seafood is beneficial to everyone’s diet. The Food and Drug Administration recommends 2-3 servings of seafood a week - touting low saturated fat and high omega 3’s. While farmed fish may be readily available in grocery stores, there are serious concerns about the health of these fish as they are raised in pens without the opportunity to swim and hunt for natural food sources. Often antibiotics and coloring are added to the farmed fish food reducing the quality of the product. Wild Alaskan seafood is all natural, no additives, straight from the ocean to table!

Recipes and Cooking Tips

Alaska Halibut Poached in Coconut Green Curry

Alaska halibut is delicately poached in a flavorful Thai-style green curry for a dinner that’s bursting with flavor and color.

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Fast and Spicy Alaska Halibut

Grill or broil this spice-coated halibut straight from frozen and you’ll have a delicious gluten-free dinner in no time!

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Alaska Halibut Caprese Salad Bites

These easy to assemble caprese bites add a twist with the addition of Alaska halibut. Perfect for entertaining and foodservice.

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Wild Alaska Halibut Cakes

Polenta and potatoes help keep these tasty and gluten-free Alaska halibut cakes together while scallions add a fresh burst of flavor. Fry them up in no time for the perfect Alaska appetizer.

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